Manny Orozco

Lives and works in San Diego, California.

Selected Exhibitions

2023   Seriously?, The Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, United States.
2021   Transmitting: Thoughts & Prayers, Modeka Gallery, Philippines.
2021   experience near death experience, The Wrong Biennale, Austria/Online.
2021   Not Your Family WhatsApp, Coaxial Arts Foundation, United States/Online.
2021   Artefacts, Artinformal Gallery, Philippines.
2019   Trabaj/ho: Resistance of a Colonial Imprint, Carnegie Art Museum, United States.
2019   Overseas, The Front Arte Cultura, United States.
2019   Signal and Noise, District Gallery, Philippines.
2018   You Don't Need a Room the Size of a Football Field, Sampaguita Projects, Philippines.

Selected Events

2022   The One Minutes, The One Minutes/East China Normal University, China/Online.
2019   Filipino American Artist Directory, Chicago Art Book Fair, United States.
2019   Seen Zine: Preventive Cultural Ghosting, London Centre for Book Arts, United Kingdom.

Artist Publications

2019   Breaking foot on bread, Self-Published, Philippines.
2019   Planting trees for present and future, Self-Published, Exhibited at District Gallery, Philippines.

Public Collections

2023   Scanners Archive, United States.
2021   The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Netherlands.
2019   Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, United States.