A person watching the Earth burn
Climate anxiety
A marker appears from lightning to check a voting ballot
The power of voting
A hammer nailing down its own handle
Self sabotage
Two hands with the pointer finger extended, meeting in the middle to do the sausage finger illusion
What's the point of it?
Money presented as the swiss cheese model
The problem with money
Point of view of sitting at your desk with your laptop and dissociating
Remote dissociation
Infinite loop of walking through a cherry tree grove
Not Your Family WhatsApp
A smiley face appearing as a mirage in a desert landscape
Destination addiction
A colorful tulip spinning weightlessly in a floating bubble
NFT bubble
A green pasture with solar panels and wind turbines
Green wealth
Two anthropomorphic chicken sandwiches taunting each other in a parking lot
Feudal chicken chains
An exhausted anthropomorphic Earth collapsing onto the ground
Exhausted Earth
A group of smart phones floating in a endless ocean with a sunset in the background
Big tech's big greenwashing
A group of bulldozers mowing down a forest in tandem
A flock of pixelated hand cursors gravitating towards a red censorship symbol
The joys of cancel culture
Infinite loop of opening a door to an identical room as before
The cyclical nature of goals
A book opens up to a field of yellow flowers
The joys of reading
Infinite loop of running through an office hallway
a fast-paced environment
A human hand and dog paw pushes a dog bowl back and forth
When enough is enough
A hand holding a cellphone endlessly scrolling with its thumb
The joys of doomscrolling
The USA flag splitting at its stripes like a turnstile
The divided state of america
A sonar radar detecting floating profile pictures of people
AI surveillance
An eyeball as a CCTV camera scanning its surroundings
Surveillance mania
A hedge of money shaped as a dollar sign being blown away from a gust of wind
Portfolio anxiety
An aerial view of a desert penetrated by plastic straws
The impending global water crisis
A disinfectant aerosol can erratically spraying dollar signs
Disinfectant stocks
A cracked United States map with a giant bandage
Time to heal
A floating hand signing the cross onto a television displaying a floating cross
Praying via TV during the pandemic
A spinning arrangement of hotdog-marshmallow skewers emitting sparks
Post-colonization foods
A thumbs up symbol slipping into a church donation box
Like-farming with religious vernacular
Syringes on a target dart board
Finding a solution
A map of the Philippines spinning like a typhoon
The Philippines is a typhoon hub